Will Frampton

Founder, McLeod Media

Prior to launching McLeod Media, Will spent 15 years in broadcast news — shooting, writing, and editing TV news stories across the United States. He even ventured into an active combat zone during the war in Afghanistan.

Will Frampton

Will Frampton

McLeod Media was founded by Will Frampton in 2013, naming it after his family’s namesake. Born William McLeod Frampton IV, Will comes from a long line of gifted storytellers and wanted to honor that history in the company name.

He prides himself on having a true love for telling stories — stories that can help others not just now, but for months and even years to come.

So, how did Will come to run a video/film production company? A long, winding road through broadcasting.

  • 15 years.
  • Five newsrooms in four states.
  • Two Emmy awards.
  • Three additional Emmy nominations.
  • And one trip to an active war zone.

It was all building toward what would become McLeod Media. Will spent so much of that time doing everything — camera work, video editing, writing, on-camera presentation — that he now leverages the skill sets to help you or your organization come away with a beautiful production.

Will leads project storyboarding, production, and post-production, utilizing McLeod Media’s talented and seasoned team of creative professionals.

  Will’s Emmy-winning documentary from Afghanistan

McLeod Media captured the spirit of our mission through video portrayal of our organization. Will Frampton’s sincere interest and investment of time on our project was evident in the results. He was able to connect with the viewer (donors, volunteer, advocates, potential clients, etc.) because he learned about the different aspects of our services and positive impact we make on our community, and skillfully depicted this through videography and storytelling.

Kelcy Rainer

Chastain Horse Park

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Will for our wedding video. From the start, he had a vision with the project that separated him from the rest. He was always quick to respond and in the end, he delivered a final product that will forever bring tears to our eyes from the best day ever!

Will and Chiara Brown

Married July 15, 2017

I was referred to Will Frampton because I needed a short film to help make a great first impression with prospects with whom I was attempting to meet, and Will delivered a product I can proudly use in a number of different circumstances. I was beyond impressed with how he produced the segment and guided me through the process. His attention to detail was constant throughout the production. It is a film I’ll be happy to showcase for several years.

Cha Holmes

Edge Business Systems