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Jimmy Carter


Paying Dividends

Cristina Mendonsa and Will Frampton co-anchored a broadcast-style presentation for P20, a group that brings together the top financial tech and financial services companies to help make society’s payments more accessible, affordable and secure.


Standing Up to Cancer

In 2017, Jared Gentry discovered he had Chordoma, a rare type of cancer found on the spine. But it’s the story of how that cancer was discovered that is so unique. And it was that unique way of discovery that likely helped save Gentry’s life.


Back to School

Will Frampton is a graduate of Erskine College, and the fourth person in his family to attend the small school in upstate South Carolina. So this was an incredibly personal project, part of a series of films intended to engage alumni and spur financial support.


Police Training

Having reported on and covered the Marietta, Ga., police department for several years, Will Frampton was in a unique position to understand and to tell their story. This is one film, in a series of five, to help ramp up recruitment of new officers.


Payment Partnership

Will Frampton occasionally taps into his broadcasting roots on behalf of clients. One of those occasions: InComm in Atlanta partnered with AmEx, an announcement of such significance that then-Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal delivered the news.


For the Kids

Featuring Cristina Mendonsa as the lead presenter and vocal artist, this is the first in a series of films on behalf of this Child Advocacy Center in Social Circle, Ga. The organization serves children and families affected by child abuse.


Remodel Project

In Atlanta, the home remodeling industry is booming. Gabe Pierce brought in Will to capture an 8-month remodel project. Pierce uses this film to introduce his company to prospective clients, drumming up new leads and new projects.


Music in Manhattan

What a memorable night! Five cameras, wedged into almost every corner of this tight (but incredible!) Manhattan venue. Will has known Joe since the 1990s when he was a part of the Hollywood Hills Orchestra, led by Mac Frampton, Will’s dad.

Will Frampton
Will Frampton

Founder, McLeod Media

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