Emmy Award-Winning Production

Emmy Award-Winning Production

McLeod Media

McLeod Media

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McLeod Media can help reach your audience and achieve your goals – from storyboarding to the final edit – with a staff that boasts more than 100 years’ experience. We love telling stories and we can make it happen for you.

About Us

McLeod Media was founded by Will Frampton in 2013, naming it after his family’s namesake. Born William McLeod Frampton IV, Will comes from a long line of gifted storytellers and wanted to honor that history in the company name.

Will Frampton
Video Camera

Stories from the 218th

The Emmy award-winning documentary by Will Frampton, telling the story of what life was like in a war zone for the soldiers of South Carolina’s 218th Brigade Combat Team.

AI: ‘There’s almost no way to stop it’

As Joe Gransden surveys the landscape and implications of AI’s impact, it is at best a feeling of curiosity, with unsettled thoughts around what the future could look like for musicians, and the art of performance.

Artificial Intelligence: ‘You can’t ignore it’

Mike Petchenik sees a clear reality as it relates to artificial intelligence: “If we don’t acknowledge its existence, we’re being ignorant to what’s going on in the world. … You can’t ignore it.”

Voice AI: ‘Maybe there is room for all of us at the table’

Voice AI is the first in our series of conversations around Artificial Intelligence, speaking with fellow creators and producers, featuring voice-actor Kristen Simoes.

McLeod Media Professionals

McLeod Media


I’ve known and worked with Will for almost two decades. His attention to detail is excellent – and his focus on getting the project just right is what you would expect from a professional. The McLeod Media team is professionalism personified.

• Duane Cross | Founder and CEO, Digital Bubba

We’re Where You Are

Near or far, McLeod Media can be there for your business. From the United States to Toronto and across the pond for a production in London, McLeod Media is ready to help tell your story.

Will Frampton
Will Frampton

Founder, McLeod Media

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