AI: ‘There’s almost no way to stop it’

As Joe Gransden surveys the landscape and implications of AI’s impact, it is at best a feeling of curiosity, with unsettled thoughts around what the future could look like for musicians, and the art of performance.

Artificial Intelligence: ‘You can’t ignore it’

Mike Petchenik sees a clear reality as it relates to artificial intelligence: “If we don’t acknowledge its existence, we’re being ignorant to what’s going on in the world. … You can’t ignore it.”

Machine Living

The societal acceptance of AI — or maybe the better word is, resignation? — seems to have come fairly quickly. The degree to which society cares about human contributions to the creative arts will determine how much we allow AI to become more a part of us.

Pitching a story to a newsroom? Work backward

As a reporter who has been desperate for so long to find great story ideas, let me tell you: We always welcome someone with a good story idea to help make our day a little easier. That idea just needs to meet us where we are.